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Hi! My name is Michelle and I’m an Author and mother. I offer a new mom a community where she can finally acknowledge the feelings that no told her about, or to simply share that she’s just having a really hard time being a mom. Through this, she can tune into what’s really going on and finally be honest with her struggles without judgment.

Michelle Mansfield

Telling my Own Stories from Motherhood

I’m motivated by my own story to remind women that they are wonderful mothers, even if they have a shitty day… or year. NO ONE talks about these feelings. Not your friends, your mother, and most likely not your doctor. I’m passionate about giving women the gift of comfort to share & acknowledgment so she can find the resources to help her. I want to help a new mother find the tools to ignite the light to the feelings she is having.

Start your children on the road to wellness with:

The Brooklyn Wellness Series

Join Michelle’s daughter, Brooklyn, and her 2 cats, Simba & Jax, as they travel through the worlds of independence, trying new foods, facing fears, tackling anxiety, and learning mindfulness with this children’s book series. Michelle is a Board Certified Health Coach where her passion for wellness has ventured to the world of children and how parents can use her unique stories and tools with Brooklyn by their side.

You can find more information on her available children’s books below.

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