Stop spinning your wheels and find the simplicity to:

Recognize & honor your wellness values

Make the best choices for YOUR unique family as a family

Create the sense of WE in wellness in order to end the battles

Enjoy a sustainable way of living that is never questioned

I would love to work with your family to create a positive family table full of memories.  I do this by offering personalized family coaching and fun events for your family.  Events include…

  • Salad jar and salad dressing events for your children and their friends
  • Meal planning pow-wow with your entire family.  Everyone on board is the best road to wellness!  Use me to get the mojo going- our kids listen to everyone else but their parents, right?

Speaking is my passion! I am available to schools, conventions, wellness events, or retreats.  Topics include…

  • My Top 10 Techniques to Ignite the Adventurous Eater
  • Confidence, Independence, Being Unique, and How Flying Solo is Actually GOOD for the Soul

I also use my children’s book series as a tool with my events with children.  You can explore my children’s books at, where my children’s holistic health series will be arriving throughout April 2018 to October 2019.  

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