This was one I was not looking forward to. After all, my morning ritual is my warm and frothy cup of mushroom coffee- yes, you read that correctly- and organic half-and-half (just wait for the dairy elimination). I usually have one, maybe two, cups and I don’t drink them past 10am. I cannot drink or eat anything that has caffeine in it in the afternoon or I’m wired until 3am. My mother is the same way. So I wouldn’t call myself a caffeine-addict. Physically that is. Mentally, that’s definitely my problem.

The hormone that is most affected by caffeine intake is our stress hormone, Cortisol. We already have so much of it, mentally as well as from our foods. Add caffeine and it’s surging. Drink caffeine on an empty stomach in the morning? A hormonal tornado. What does caffeine truly do to our bodies and should you be giving it up for (gulp!) good?

  1. Regular consumption of caffeine disrupts your circadian rhythm, which affects sleep, hormone balance, and immunity.
  2. Cortisol is one of your body’s key fat-storage hormones so when it’s elevated, guess what happens?
  3. Heightened anxiety and/or irritability.
  4. Fatigue – ironically why you are drinking the coffee, to avoid fatigue. Caffeine gives a surge of what I call “Fools Energy”. It’s not real and it’s very temporary.
  5. Gastro issues?
  6. Bone health- thinning bones, osteopenia, or osteoporosis.
  7. Low DHEA or testosterone levels- HELLO LOW LIBIDO!
  8. Blood sugar- can make it too high or too low.
  9. PMS

There is certainly a debate out there on if coffee is good for you or not. I have read both sides and have decided to see how my body feels on caffeine to see if it’s right for me. Just as important, do I want to risk the possibility of the above side effects happening to me or not? Because the above are real and scientifically proven (Thank you Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD!) What’s important is listening to your body and doing what’s right for you.

If you decide you need that morning cup of Joe, just make sure you put something of quality protein or fat (or both) in your tummy before drinking that first sip. Even if you just pop a hard-boiled egg into your mouth.

Oh and what about decaf? Decaf also contains acids that also affect cortisol, blood sugar, blood pressure, among other side effects. So again, it’s your decision on if you feel caffeine will be a part of your life or if you need a break up.

How do I feel off caffeine? It actually was easier than I thought. I found a fabulous bunch of teas from Yogi and my local Peaceful Parlor. Both offer organic teas and I’ve found a new warm and toasty love in the morning. Will I bring back caffeine after this reset? The jury is still out on that one!

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