So you sit there on your maternity leave wondering if you want to stay at home or go back to your career. You always THOUGHT you’d want to be a SAHM. YOUR mom did it and (you think!) she loved it. Your best friend says she never questioned it. But here you are, wondering if you want to put all your eggs in the motherhood basket.

You then think about your career you worked so hard for. So many years. Do you want to return to it? Is it a career that WORKS with motherhood? Do you even enjoy it like you used to? Something feels different.
Ugh, you don’t know what to do. On one hand, being at home with your baby SEEMS like it’s what you should do. On the other hand, it is 2022 and women return to their careers without a question. Or are they?
Take a listen if you are struggling with the dance between motherhood and career. If you need words of encouragement or validation that this is NOT an easy decision. The good news is there is an answer that works for you and will make you happy. It’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all (or most) and that’s the beauty of our unique choices and lives. Your choices are no one’s business just as much as theirs aren’t any of yours. Enjoy this encouraging and raw episode and as always, I appreciate you listening, sharing, and growing this community of moms being honest. 

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