Today let’s talk about VACATION! First, what have been your destinations this summer so far and where are you going next? Would love to hear all your awesome ideas and experiences.
We just got back from Mexico and had an amazing time and our next adventure is the Redneck Riviera in Gulf Shores, AL. Totally different vacations but both are so memorable and full of experiences. I use vacation as an excuse to let go in many ways. To gravitate to letting go of the routine and monotony and be inspired to try new things, disconnect from technology, reconnect with family, and relax. In the past, I also used vacation as an excuse to let go of my healthy habits because, well, it’s vacation right? But vacation can be the perfect opportunity to get out of the comfort zones, the routines, the robotic ways we sometimes live because we are on auto-pilot. In that world, we as mothers sometimes aren’t mindful of our decisions and do what’s easiest. (Guilty here!)
So nowadays I use vacation as motivation to better health.
If you are surrounded by a gorgeous forest of trees, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, wonderful crashing sounds of the ocean, colorful foods that are made for you, family around to help alleviate “mommy duties”, then USE these motivators to start your health journey or to AMPLIFY it!
1. Wake up before everyone and meditate on the beach
2. Go on a hike by yourself or with your family
3. Try colorful fruits and vegetables
4. Do some yoga outside on the beach or see if your hotel or area has classes
5. Take a nap (we took many in Mexico as a family!)
6. Create some new goals and affirmations. Be inspired and start something great.
7. I love me some cocktails on vacation but in the past I tended to overdo it. Because, well, it’s vacation right? I still have my cocktails but instead of the super fruity and sugary drinks that make me feel horrible the next day, I have a flavored vodka and soda with some fresh lime. Or maybe I have only 1 margarita versus many. I may have one glass of red wine with dinner versus 4 (LOL!). For me, I now appreciate waking up refreshed and excited about the day ahead of me than dragging and dreading. And feeling like crap.
What do you do on your vacations to better your health? I would love to hear your stories and tips!
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