Sleep. It’s one thing we can’t do without (at least not gracefully) and the one thing that seems to elude us after becoming a parent. Thanks to people like Meredith Brough, there are solutions out there that can help restore sleep for both you and your baby.

Meredith is a mother of five and the owner of Sweet Slumber. After struggling to get her first child to sleep, Meredith knew she had to do things differently with her second. After raising her own kids, she transitioned everything she’d learned as a mom and became a full-time sleep coach for parents of babies and young children with sleep problems. In the last five years, Meredith has helped over 500 families reach their sleep goals using her tear-free methods. She also now trains other experts, runs an agency, hosts her own podcast – “The Sweet Slumber Podcast”, and runs a large Facebook group for exhausted mothers.

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Typical sleep training methods often include your baby “crying it out”, but this one-size fits all approach doesn’t take into account a child’s specific needs. In today’s episode, Meredith touches on the 5 different temperaments (she has a tear-free sleep method for each one!) and how to be aware of the non-verbal cues your baby is sending.

As new parents all we have in our arsenal is experimentation and responding to different things to see what works and what doesn’t for our children. And just when we get one kid figured out, the next one comes with a completely new idea of what makes them feel secure. It gets confusing because we have so many messages coming at us telling us what we should do or should not do. In the end, YOU have the most influence on your child’s development and Meredith encourages moms to lean into their natural intuition and instincts.

Homework assignment from Meredith: “Be in tune with your body throughout the day with your energy level and respond to it. If your eyes are heavy, sleep. Find your body’s natural ‘tired time’ and see how much better you will feel!”

Find Meredith here:
Website: Sleep Slumber – schedule a free consult with Meredith and learn about all the ways you can work with her.
Facebook Group: Successful Sleep

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