I thought I was super strong in so many ways but found that motherhood has held some of my weakest moments of my life. I was always one to stand out, do my own thing, and with no apologies but here I was completely crippled by standards, myths, and BS about what a mom was supposed to be. It took me almost a decade to find where I was supposed to return to. ME.

“The expectation that a mother should always feel joy and fulfillment is a part of the myth of motherhood. The myth of motherhood is our society’s notion that a woman achieves her uttermost fulfillment as a woman by being a mother and, as such, should always be happy and strong.” – Dr. Michal Regev in her article “The Myth of Motherhood: The Way Unrealistic Societal Expectations of Mothers Shape Their Experience.

At the end of the day, throw away the standards, norms, expectations, and what your MIL tells you to do. It’s time to follow our own intuition, our gut, our goals, and to connect with our relationship with motherhood. What it means to us. What we want out of it. What we don’t. How we want our days to go. What brings us happiness. Finding people that will support us, empathize and encourage us. Connect with what will make us want to be mothers, not what will make us want to run away from it. Thank you for listening, sharing and being a loyal listener!!!

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Mom Card Drawing of the Week: “We begin to find and become ourselves when we notice how we are already found, already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvelously who we were born to be.” -Anne Lamott

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