After a traumatic birth experience, including an unplanned c-section, Cat Gieser struggled both physically and mentally after the birth of her first child. She found a lack of support for maternal wellness and when she confided in her OBGYN about her postpartum struggles she was simply dismissed and offered drugs without any thought to what else could be done. After her experience, Cat knew she wanted to help moms in her same situation. “It’s a dark feeling and you shouldn’t have to do it alone.”

Cat Gieser is a pre and postpartum movement specialist and the founder of Mama Flow Studio – a virtual yoga and sculpt studio for postpartum moms. The studio is known as the “anti-bounce back” studio, encouraging moms to move with strength and nourishment instead of the pressure to bounce back. Cat is now a mother of two and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I spoke with Cat about the lack of knowledge surrounding women’s specific health issues and bodies. And how tabloids and social media are big promoters of the idea that women need to “bounce back” after a pregnancy. ┬áCat’s goal as a health professional is to support moms and women in a way that helps release that expectation and pressure, and allows them to focus on life and just feel good every day.

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There is so much that is required as a new mom, and by following Cat’s 3 pillars for postpartum recovery, you can learn to listen to your body and do so in a healthy way.

Mom Card Drawing of the Week: “Here’s the thing you have to know: your uniqueness is your gift. The dreams you have are your gift to the world.” – Shannon Kaiser

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Her website: Mama Flow Studio

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