The words “Can I Have a Snack” are coming out of your children’s mouths at an average of 50 times a day. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a tad but it probably feels like that- or more. It’s exhausting and sometimes we wonder if they really are even hungry, or just bored and want to bother us?

This time we are going to hit a pain point that many moms come to me with. Being super busy but wanting to provide the best snack options for their kids. Looking at the prep time for healthy snacks and being overwhelmed by it. Full time in an office or full time in your home, even part time can create the “when do I even have time for this?” feeling.

First, let me just tell you that the healthiest snacks require little to no prep. The simpler the item, the better. Your kids don’t care if you made it in the oven, rolled out 60 balls, sliced 25 bars, or hung from the ceiling while baking the world’s healthiest cookie. If you don’t ENJOY making homemade snacks and you don’t want to MAKE the time to create them, then DON’T do it. There isn’t a food cop watching you or even a Health Coach like me judging you. Listen, I don’t bake often. Pinterest and homemade snacks give me the sweats. So I just stay off Pinterest and I don’t look at 5 page blogs about homemade truffles with chia seeds. Even if the recipe takes “only” 30 minutes (because it never does), I just don’t want to do it. So I don’t. What do I do? Well, I like grabbing and going. I like things in the fridge that are ready and portable. How do I choose the best options- that will actually keep Brooklyn full and not asking me for a snack 20 minutes later? I focus on these key nutrients:

  1. Healthy Fats
  2. Complex Carbs & Fiber (veggies, fruits, & whole grains)
  3. Clean Protein

What are some examples?

  1. Cheese sticks
  2. Veggie crudités and dip (hummus, yogurt with dill, hummus and TJ’s pesto, already-made guac)
  3. Nuts
  4. Freeze Dried Fruit
  5. Whole Grain Crackers & Cheese
  6. Nut Butter & Smashed Fruit Sandwiches on Whole Grain

What’s awesome is that all of these are portable. Stick ‘em in a baggie or container, put them in a thermal, bring ‘em in the car. When you focus on the key nutrients I list above, you can relax and know that these will keep their tummies full, moods in check, blood sugar at an even level, and their energy high.  There’s no contest going on here other than the one in our own head’s.  So why not just cut the stress and keep it simple?

What snack ideas do you have that keep the peace and don’t stress you out? Share below!

Simply Yours,

Michelle Mansfield Blog

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