Intuition can be this woo-woo thing that many don’t take seriously. Or aren’t able to connect with. As moms we are distracted. We are BUSY. We are getting busier by the month after being forced to slow down the last few years. It’s like we are making up for lost time. But as this happens, we seem to be getting further and further from our intuition. Our brains are clouded. Our gut instincts are ignored. Our inner knowing is… unknown. We are losing trust in ourselves as mothers. In our decisions. Our lives. 
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Do you find yourself over-thinking EVERYTHING? Taking forever to make a decision? Do you dismiss your own voice for the external validation – what is everyone else doing, what will they think, will they judge me, OMG make it stop! 
This episode is for you if you want to gain confidence in your values, decisions, life and motherhood. If you’re tired of comparing yourself to everyone else and wondering if you’re doing what’s right. Listen today if you want more ease in life, your decisions and to be more in tune with your Mom Compass which aligns with your unique life, baby, family and values. Your life is COMPLETELY different than every other person’s on this planet. It’s time to trust your voice. Your decisions. It’s time to trust YOU. 
Mom Card Drawing of the Week: “Be bold in what you stand for.” -Ruth Boorstin (How PERFECT is this card?!)
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