I may not be on Netflix or a TedTalk (yet!) but for now, I’ve created a YouTube channel as another way for me to share the common and yet taboo feelings surrounding motherhood.  I wasn’t on the serious side of Postpartum Depression, but my feelings as a new and first time mom were real and need to be talked about more.  Reading is one of my passions but let’s face it, as moms we are lucky to read through an Instagram post much more a blog post with 1900 words.  I’m still going to be writing- after all I have to get this book done!  But I wanted to offer you another way for us to connect, with a voice and a face.  You can plug me into your car system and listen on a long commute, just like a podcast.  You can watch a short episode while your child has their independent play.  Perhaps while you’re cooking dinner I can be in the background?  Any way you listen or watch, I’d love to share with you and any mother out there how to feel more comfortable with this challenging season of life.  Below is the link to the first episode and there is a permanent link on my WHERE TO FIND ME page.  Enjoy and…


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