Thank you so much for giving this season a try. Even if you’ve never practiced yoga, had no desire to, or if you’re curious and open to it I hope this is a nice window to a very accepting and peaceful way of living. Living your motherhood. I am excited to share Judith Lasater’s book with you this season, “Living Your Yoga”, and how it can apply to your motherhood. You don’t even have to do Warrior 2! Listen to this week’s episode here: Listen on Apple!

This week we focus on bringing the RIGHT spirituality into your motherhood. On your terms and in your way. Not necessarily as an organized religion. I am Jewish, and proud of my religion, but I am open to other forms of spirituality and to be honest, anything that will make my life easier. And happier. Especially my motherhood.

I hope you get just one piece of inspiration in this 25 minutes. Just one. Anything that will give you confidence, connection to your SELF, and what you want out of your life. How you want to live YOUR unique life. Thank you for listening, sharing, talking about this episode with others and supporting this podcast.


Judith’s end of chapter Mantras:

1. I am my own authority

2. My life is a work in progress

3. I desire wholeness

4. All the answers are within me

5. Life is practice, practice is life

6. I commit to living my life fully in this moment

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Get your copy of “Living Your Yoga. Finding the Spiritual in Everyday Life.” here on Amazon:

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Mom Card Drawing of the Week: “You have a gift that only you can give the world.” -Oprah Winfrey

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