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You think everything is your fault. They are VERY reactive with feedback- ANY kind. They don’t like being told what to do (and we aren’t talking about your children). They hijack conversations. Make it about themselves. Constantly put people down to bring themselves up. They minimalize your feelings (hello gaslighting). There’s no flexibility- either they don’t have any or it doesn’t matter to them. This personality is self-serving.

How do we deal with this person and protect ourselves? Listen to today’s episode to know the warning signs of this personality style, the core and reasons behind it, how to deal with them, even if it gets REALLY uncomfortable.

Thanks to Mel Robbin’s October 2022 episode of the “The Mel Robbins Podcast” for inspiring me to talk about this personality. That is unfortunately in my life in a few different areas. I now know how to handle these people and that it’s OK if I don’t react to them. I’m not weak because of it. I am strong because I know that the less I say, the better. I will not be the bait. I will stop the conversation.

Thank you for listening, sharing, interacting and rating the podcast. I appreciate you so much!

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