Inevitably you feel it coming.  Crying at a commercial, snapping at your partner, patience is thinner than ever, and you analyze your life and everything that you’re not doing.  Your elevated mood is real, raw, and on fire.  Both you and your partner blame it on the popular PMS excuse.

“Are you getting your period?”  (Cue the GRRRRRR and maybe some tears)

Most symptoms that occur from hormonal imbalance issues are the result of excess estrogen- “Estrogen Dominance” is what it’s called.  Estrogen Dominance is one of the main causes of gynecological issues- from uterine fibroids to endometriosis to yes, PMS.  PMS is not normal and you shouldn’t have to deal with it.  It’s a sign of imbalance.  Did you know there are foods that support the metabolization and elimination of excess estrogen?  Choosing the right foods and making the right choices for your body, you can elevate your body’s ability to metabolize estrogen and you can just watch your dreaded PMS symptoms fade away.  The goal is to balance your blood sugar, eating fiber-rich foods so your liver can get rid of the excess estrogen, avoiding refined sugar and processed foods, paying attention to endocrine-disrupting foods and products, managing stress, and getting proper sleep.

I didn’t realize this but we have been educated and guided to eat based on a male body.  Why aren’t we learning and focusing on how to eat and live specifically as a woman?  Our bodies are completely different and function differently.  For example, did you know that intermittent fasting is actually harmful to a woman’s body?  I’ve also been learning more about eating based on your menstrual cycle- and knowing your cycle.  You have 4 phases and the length of each phase can be different for each person.  The key is tracking and knowing your cycle, eating, and making the right lifestyle choices for each phase.  Each phase has different hormonal activity and emotions attached to it.  Knowledge of each stage of your cycle and how to eat for that particular cycle is the key to open the door.  And closing it to the PMS monster!  Reach out to me to find out how.

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