My good friend and partner of Powering Through Perimenopause, Carrie Koziol (, just posted an amazing piece on how the exercises you’re finding online could actually be doing more harm than good in the peri and menopausal stages of your life.  Carrie is THE expert and I agree with all she teaches & preaches where her education & experience support her passion.  Here is some great information from her recent blog:

Fallacy #3: Menopause and Sprinting:
One site recommends introducing interval training which they describe as sprinting alternated with a moderate pace.  Now I am a former runner so no judgement.

But I’m also a 40 year old woman so…..”Judgy Wudgy was a Bear.” I do not think that sprinting belongs in a fitness program designed for menopausal women.

High intensity? Yes!  But more important is the low impact.

Here’s what I mean- watch this video:

Having the right information for the stage your body is at- what it will respond to and what will actually harm it- is critical. That’s why Dr. Google can be not only overwhelming, but incorrect. There are too many people out there giving information without the education behind them. What YOU need are experts to help you through this time- to embrace it and not be afraid of it. How? To have all the tools in your hands- the correct ones. Because in all honesty, these are the best years of your life. Join me, Carrie Koziol, and Dr. Katie Johnson as we give you these tools. Live and in person along with a group of amazing women around you to support you. Registration began 8/28 and the course starts 9/13 so don’t wait too long- only 10 spots are saved!

Where: Good Samaritan Health & Wellness Center in Downers Grove

When: Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30 AM from Sept 13-Nov 1, 2017
(childcare available)

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