Disclaimer: This isn’t an episode for you if you don’t have the choice to have more children. Just simply skip this week and return back next week!! 
     Today’s episode is for you if you have decided to not have any more children but question if the decision you’ve made is the right one. Perhaps you have people asking you, “So are you SURE you’re done?” or “Are you SURE he wants a vasectomy?” I even had a family member ask me if I was SURE knowing my husband had already HAD a vasectomy. (Ummm, yeah, we’re sure!)
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     It’s natural to doubt such a HUGE decision, even if you know it’s the right one for you. The noise around you doesn’t help either. Does your child need that “playmate”? (News flash, they DON’T and I’ll tell you why!) Will your child be spoiled? Have terrible social skills? (Brooklyn has some of THE best social skills I’ve ever seen) Oh, and the best one told to me was, “Well, I would never want to put the burden of my death and arrangements on just ONE child.” Um, well if you know the world of making arrangements for an elderly loved one, even if there are 12 siblings there are many times when 1 is forced to make all the arrangements anyways. 
     I took a lot of time with this episode. Surveyed hundreds of moms asking them why they had one and why they had more than one. It was so interesting to see the reasons behind their decisions. We will talk about those today as well.
     I hope this episode makes you even more confident in YOUR decision. That you take out your ear buds and just breathe another sigh knowing you’re not alone and you’re an incredible mother whether you have one or five. Please share this episode with someone that you know that needs to feel this way too. There isn’t a right or wrong answer in this- your choice and decision will always be the one that works for you and your family. Thank you for listening, sharing, and letting me know if you’re enjoying the podcast!
Mom Card Drawing of the Week: “Each day comes to me with both hands full of possibilities.” -Helen Keller
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Article: http://karacarrero.com/mom-of-an-only-child-no-lesser-mom/
Book: “Parenting an Only Child” by Susan Newman
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