There is a resistance for people to ask difficult questions. Fear of the answer. That they can’t “fix” it. Fear that the answer will be really uncomfortable. 
You may find yourself alone in your postpartum feelings. Those unmarketable feelings. Because people around you are scared to ask you, “How are you doing?”
You may be like me and not want to tell your partner or mom your feelings because they love to “fix” the problem. Tell you solutions, their experiences, because they cannot bear to see you unhappy. 
It’s time to find the courage to have uncomfortable conversations and find the people that can handle them. Along with giving grace to the people that may not be able to handle them. How? Listen to today’s episode and find out.
Mom Card Drawing of the Week:  “You Can if You Think You Can” -Norman Vincent Peale
Another amazing quote that Cathy with Zen Parenting Radio speaks of in Ep651: “Discomfort is the price we pay for living a meaningful life” -Susan David 
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