If the word “Balance” has your eyes rolling or you’re already overwhelmed about it, then this episode is for you. Today Sarah Otto and I chat about the meaning of balance and how there’s not a one-size-fits-all version that fits everyone’s needs. Balance has many meanings and we talk about the true test and feelings to look for when achieving your own unique version. Listen for more here: Apple Podcasts Link


Our mission today is to ease anxiety and overwhelm. Period. We aren’t here on a see-saw trying to achieve that perfect level of equality with all the things going on in our lives. I knew when Sarah brought up this topic that she was the PERFECT and honest voice that was meant to make you feel a sense of relief, not annoyance or frustration. We bring up seasons of the year, seasons of life, how to allocate time outside your children and career. Connecting with what’s uniquely important to YOU. Creating realistic expectations and goals. I mean does the laundry REALLY need to be folded today? Is the Queen of England showing up? We also dive into what to let go of. How to find peace. Where to put your energy and creating those values of how YOU want to spend your time. Without the guilt.


I know you’ll enjoy this episode and fall in love with Sarah’s incredible personality and spirit. Let us know about your experience with this topic and if you have any incredible tips to share. (I know you do!) Thank you for listening, sharing this episode with someone who needs it, and for being loyal listeners (or a new one!) to this podcast.

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