We see photos, hear stories, watch friends hold their new babies, and have this message ingrained into us that we will be immediately in love with being a mom. And being immediately in love with our baby. For some, this does happen. And that’s OK. For others, like me, this doesn’t happen. And that’s OK too. 
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     It can be hard to be immediately IN LOVE with something that can be so challenging, depleting, frustrating, and for many moms, they are lost and numb. It’s survival at times as well. Perhaps there’s also something biologically happening that may be preventing that “love at first sight”.
     There is hope and this episode is there for you if you need that hope. This episode is also for you if you’re past the baby stage but just want validation that your feelings, or lack of, are OK and you’re not alone. That you’re an incredible mother and the love for it just took a little more time because of your unique situation. 
     Thank you for listening, as always. I appreciate your support, honest reviews and sharing this episode with a friend who needs to hear this message. 
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