Brooklyn is a child that really gravitates toward reward and seeing the progress of what she does. When we are figuring out what motivates our children, paying attention to what they respond to is essential to this. Your child is unique, and only you know what they respond to. It’s similar to the book “The 5 Love Languages” that you’ve read to figure out yourself and your partner.

There came a time with Brooklyn where I was at a loss of how to just get her to TASTE a new food. When I was writing “I Tried It”, something came to mind when I was figuring out ways that Brooklyn could motivate her friends to not be so apprehensive about trying a new food. I decided to try it on Brooklyn to see if it could actually work- at least 50% of the time.

I created our “I Tried It!” card, which is a very simple way to entice and celebrate being adventurous with eating. Plus it’s super simple which was my goal. The card has 12 spots on the back where each time your child tries a new food, they get a sticker to place in the square. What’s even better, and will gain more results, is the no pressure vibe in this game. Even if your child doesn’t like the food, they still get a sticker. Because your child will not like everything, just like you don’t. What’s important is them putting it in their mouth, tasting it, feeling the texture, and being introduced to it. That small celebration builds to larger celebrations. When the card is filled, they get to choose something special to do with their family. Brooklyn is already planning her summer out and all the fun things we are going to do together as a family.

The “I Tried It!” card will be available to your family during my April presale. The card is thick and glossy where you can reuse the card over and over again. Simple smiley face stickers, or stickers your child chooses, are easy to get at your local dollar store. I hope you will invite this book into your lives, and this fun way of getting your child to be excited about trying new foods. Thank you for reading!

P.S.  Here are images of the front and back of the “I Tried It!” card.  The card is right on the refrigerator so Brooklyn can see it every time she’s at the family table.  “Mama!  I want a sticker so I’m going to try this salad dressing!”  That’s all I ask for kid, that’s all I need.

Simply Yours,

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