It’s OK to say this out loud. There will be days where you are shooting daggers out to your partner because you feel they aren’t helping enough, doing what you need, supporting you the way you want to be supported now that you’re BOTH parents. They get to go back to work. You have to go back to work and they get to be home with the baby. You’re doing all the housework while they get home at 7pm and are the “fun parent”. They don’t do it like you do it. They’re so relaxed and you’re full of anxiety. There are so many unique scenarios that whirl around our postpartum minds that create resentment, which can eventually lead to other dangerous emotions.
     In this week’s episode, we talk about my own resentment- that my husband doesn’t even know about. It was my own shit I was dealing with, my stories I was creating, the fears & anxieties that stopped me, my inability to detach, my unrealistic expectations that I wasn’t even communicating, along with my assumptions. My communication skills were worse than my infant’s. At least she was crying to let us know she was pissed. I held it all in and my resentment grew into something it didn’t have to be.
     I want to help you avoid what I did as a new mom. Because resentment doesn’t just stop after infancy. It can carry on throughout your partnership if you don’t find some solid communication skills to share with your partner so you can avoid the road I traveled. Or worse.
     Share this episode with your best friend, sister, or partner if that can break the ice to you both talking about this very unique change in your lives and partnership. It isn’t all bliss or making your marriage even more “magical”… there’s some hard shit to deal with and situations that challenge your relationship more than you can imagine. And no one is talking about it. Until now. Thank you for listening, sharing, and connecting with me to share your honest motherhood journey. Enjoy this episode!!!
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Facebook Group: The Honest Mom Project
Mom Quote of the Week: “Hope holds up the head.” – Scottish Proverb
Book: “How to not Hate Your Husband After Kids” by Jancee Dunn and “To Have and to Hold: Motherhood, Marriage, and the Modern Dilemma” by Molly Millwood
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