I always had this label of being “laid back” and “chill” in my mind before I was a mother. What I didn’t realize was that I had my own internal perfectionism that actually came out when I became a mother. It’s made me realize that growing up I had a lot of pressures I put on myself, personally, academically and in my career. I carried perfectionism with my personality as well. You may have listened to some episodes of mine where I talk about my labels of being “life of the party”, the “fun” one, the gal that seemed to bring the fun. I also didn’t realize how I labeled myself as super organized, always performed on time (or early), always going above what was asked of me, never forgetting, always being on top of things, and always being “in the know” and never saying “I don’t know.”
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     We carry these perfectionistic qualities into motherhood whether we realize it or not. You may notice that the volume gets turned up A LOT when you become a mother. The words “never” and “always” travel through your brain about all the shoulds and should nots with raising your baby and the lifestyle you live. It’s a lot of pressure and are these pressures our reality or are we being influenced by standards that don’t match up with how we truly want to live?
     We deserve the freedom from perfectionism. YOU deserve it. This episode is right up your alley if you have any sort of pressure you put on yourself to live a certain way and if you veer from it, you are super hard on yourself, have anxiety, or find life just not enjoyable. This episode will help you feel normal and to know you don’t have to live to any standard that makes you unhappy or panic if you don’t do what you said you’d do. Or live how you thought you’d live. This episode will give you the freedom to know it’s healthy to pivot, to make mistakes and learn, to grow, to be a human. That perfectionism will only stunt you as a person and as a mother. Trust me, I am speaking from my own experience (as always!) Today we talk about the signs you may be a perfectionist parent, how society affects us with being perfect, connecting with your past life and perfection, how perfectionism can then carry to your child, and I’ll close with some advice and words of encouragement 🙂
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Article: Very Well: https://www.verywellfamily.com/what-to-know-about-perfectionist-parenting-4163102
Podcast: Getting to Good Enough Podcast with Janine Adams and Shannon Wilkenson. http://gettingtogoodenough.com/episodes/
Book: “Never Good Enough. How to use Perfectionism to Your Advantage Without Letting it Ruin Your Life.” by Monica Ramirez Basco
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