How many times do you want to ask a difficult question but are afraid of the answer? Do you find yourself wanting to have a discussion, only to pull back for fear of what the other person may say? Are you afraid to ask your child if they’ve ever felt sad, or even depressed? Even more powerful, are you terrified to ask and acknowledge your OWN feelings? (Yes, they are inside of you!)
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     As a podcaster, it may seem like I am very comfortable with “telling it like it is” but the truth is (I mean this is the Honest Mom Podcast!), I’m terrified of everything I list above. I push things under the rug. My codependent mind wants to “keep the peace” and not rock the boat. I worry how I may make the other person uncomfortable. I’m scared that the person will get mad at me. If you listened to my ghosting episode, that also affected my feelings about being honest with someone. That they’ll just tell me to F off and be done with me.
     I grew up in a house where it really wasn’t the best idea to bring up anything that would challenge the other side. Defensive responses, or ignoring me for a week, making me feel I’m attacking even if my voice wasn’t raised, and many other responses that made me feel I was a terrible person for speaking up. For simply asking “why” or “how come”.
     The truth is… uncomfortable conversations and acknowledging discomfort in our lives is ESSENTIAL for growth. It’s not a fun place to be but it’s temporary and will either make your relationships stronger, or it will tell you in black and white where your relationship stands. Even if it’s saying goodbye. Sitting in your own discomfort about YOUR feelings in motherhood is also essential. Don’t do what I did. Sweeping the feelings under the rug, swimming in shame, feeling guilty for even feeling a certain way, to a point where you ignore them. But they never go away. They grow. They stop you. They prevent you.
     It’s time to release this and sit in the discomfort. Dig deep to find that bravery to have uncomfortable conversations that will allow you to GROW. To become the mother you’re meant to be. The human you’re meant to be. I’ll be right there with you, you can reach out to me at any time. Listen, breathe, pay attention to what comes to mind, acknowledge, and take one baby step of bravery. I appreciate you listening, sharing, and leaving an honest review of what you think about this episode.
  • Mom Card Drawing of the Week: “You are amazing, unique, and beautiful. There is nothing more you need to be… You are perfect the way you are.” -Jynell St. James
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