We’ve heard the term “She gives zero F’s” like it’s so easy. It’s not. That’s why women write books like this. I’m here to introduce you to Gianna Biscontini. She’s a Behavioral Analyst. A Scientist. She also brings strong coaching skills to women, like you, who are tired of the limitations that you may not even be aware of. In her new book, Fuckless. A Guide to Wild, Unencumbered Freedom, she will guide you through the process of liberating yourself from the top 10 limitations (AKA Fucks) that we can give the middle finger to. 
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     Just a few Fucks that Gianna takes you through: 1) Be Small. 2) Be Soft. 3) Be Less 4) Be Stifled. 5) Be Everything. That last one got to me. There are 5 more and you will be nodding your head and turning pages to figure out how to work with these Fucks and finally say goodbye. You deserve to be connected to what YOU want. What YOU need. YOUR voice. YOUR feelings. YOUR values. Sticking up for what YOU deserve. Fighting through the fear to do all this. Gianna also has an audiobook version where I encourage you to download her incredible voice that instantly makes you feel important. 
     Thank you so much for listening. I hope you enjoy this episode and feel comfortable letting me and Gianna know what you think. What help you may need. What really impacted you or surprised you. Share this episode with your best friend and let’s find our freedom.
Mom Card Drawing of the Week: “There is only one you. And you are important.” -Chuck Sindoll
Find Gianna on Instagram: @giannabiscontini
Connect with Gianna on her website: www.giannabiscontini.com to get on her email list and learn more about her company, W3RKWELL. Gianna also has wonderful downloadables on her website and FUN merch (a Fuckless mug? Yes please!) you can snag. 
P.S. You can also download the Audiobook version with that same link!
Gianna’s Favorite Things: getaway.house for your next vacation, Meghan Markle’s Archetypes Podcast (https://open.spotify.com/show/6UfyXZgVAUX1UzF8j5L72t), Joan Didion books, Kathrin Zenkina (https://manifestationbabe.com/), Zero Waste shower steamers and candles (www.zerowastestore.com)

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