About Michelle Mansfield


Since becoming a mom, I have been creating conversations with women to switch on the light to their feelings to figure out their own tools & roadmap to happiness. Being vulnerable & honest helps new mothers eventually feel confident about the situation they are in, even if they have a mountain ahead to climb. I’m best known for my honesty, sense of humor, being easy to talk to, along with being a tad inappropriate at the right times. Sometimes all you can do is laugh in this crazy chaos of motherhood.

I write, serve and speak to women who…

  • Struggle with the first year of motherhood and acknowledging the feelings they have in this new role
  • Feel they can’t talk to their partner, doctor, or friends about their feelings
  • Yearn to find someone who feels the same, or at least to have someone tell them they’re not alone
  • Wish they could enjoy being a mom and be happy like others they see
  • Desire to have a strong relationship with their baby
  • Want more confidence as a mother
  • Seek other women that are on the same island they are on, and to develop strong relationships with them
  • Need reminding that they are wonderful mothers and, yes, they do love their baby
  • Even if they are having a shitty day…or year

I’m currently writing a book to help new moms during that challenging first year of motherhood.

It’s time to get real, raw, and honest about the feelings that NO ONE tells you about with this huge change in your life. The feelings that cause shame, insecurity, defeat, guilt, loneliness, sadness, boredom, resentment, anger, and even regret. Through the stories of mothers like you, this book will travel through some of the common (but not talked about) feelings a new mother can have during the first year. Let’s turn on the light, your internal compass, and give you the power to find the tools that work for you in order to finally enjoy motherhood.


My goals with this book are for you to realize…

  • You’re definitely not alone
  • Others feel the same way you do, they just don’t tell you (just like you’re not telling THEM!)
  • You’re a wonderful mother and most importantly…
  • You love your baby.
  • You will finally be able to say, “Thank GOD I’m not the only one.”

I’m currently creating a podcast where I’ll be discussing the hidden feelings of motherhood

My goal is to bring my voice and stories to you alongside real moms, authors, and medical & mental health experts to help bring awareness and honesty to motherhood.


For now, enjoy my writing on my blog, take a peek on social media, reach out to me directly, and connect with my email community of women who are on the same island you are on. You just have to find them!

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