If you’re following me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/michellemansfieldhealth/) or Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/michellemansfieldhealth/) then you have seen my posts about reading Dr. Sara Gottfried’s “Hormone Reset Diet” book that just came out this past spring.  I have followed Dr. Sara in many ways, respect, admire, and resonate with her passion for hormonal balance.  The power our hormones have on our entire body- to include our metabolism and energy.  Why it’s so hard for us, as women, to lose weight and feel energized compared to our male friends and partners.  Especially after turning 35.  And how to overcome this.

You can get Dr. Sara’s book at http://hormonereset.com/ or any book channel out there.  You can also connect with me as I go on this journey and continue this lifestyle.  I am half-way through the book and will be starting the 21-Day Hormone Reset Diet tomorrow, Wednesday, August 3rd.

The goal is to “reset” each of the 7 metabolic hormones in 3-day increments.  Which totals 21 days.  The first hormone to focus on, and the most essential according to Dr. Sara, is ESTROGEN.  Estrogen dominance is the top reason for weight gain and many gynecological issues we face.  Curious how to do this?  Follow me on social media or call me to work with me one on one.  Will be staying in touch about each hormone throughout these 21 days so stay tuned!


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