Make new friends. But keep the old. One is silver and the other gold. That was easy to sing as a Girl Scout when you were in elementary school. But as an adult? As a mom? It’s a bit harder than we thought.
I quote my book, “The Honest Mom Project”… “Having a baby will change your friendships. Period.” It’s true. It’s not all negative. There are many ways friendships become even stronger. Friendships shift. Values and interests change. We don’t have the free time we used to. Motherhood expands the walls that enclose our friendships safely inside. What used to be easy can be extremely difficult to live up to now.

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Megan and Dina are two incredible women of Stay + Play Local ( where one of their missions is connecting people to all the local fun activities, dining, events and attractions. I have attended quite a few events where I was looking for connection in a fun, unique way beyond my “let’s grab drinks and talk about our kids for 2 hours” routine.
The three of us talk about our unique friendship changes, challenges and NEW friendships that were born after becoming a mom. We chat about ways to connect with other women, when to let go of a friendship, and what to focus on. What to look out for. The “normal” of friendships when we become mothers and just get so busy. This episode is for you if you find yourself confused, frustrated, and a bit bleh in the friendship department. Megan and Dina are here to give you hope, motivation, and excitement about your friendships throughout motherhood. Plus they both just have incredible energy pouring out of them. Thank you for listening, sharing, and supporting this podcast!

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