Katie has been my BFF since I started with SPENGA in 2018. She was also at the heart of some friendship breakups and was such an incredible part of my healing- and what it means to be a true friend. I’ve always appreciated her honesty and how she delivers it which is why I knew you would love her on the podcast. Listen on Apple Podcasts Here: Apple Podcasts Link or if you are a Spotify fan, listen here: Spotify Link

Katie was dating her high school sweetheart where they were both seniors in college, planning to get married, when she learned she was pregnant with her amazing son, Sam. When life throws curveballs, Katie always has such an amazing outlook and way of living through them where she and her husband welcomed this new journey ahead of them. Not in the cards but what is when it comes to becoming a parent?!

You may have listened to my solo episode about being an “old mom” when I had Brooklyn at 36 years old. Katie and I discuss the pros, cons and realities of being a young mom and have quite a few moments where we realize no matter what age you are, motherhood is challenging. Is it better to know nothing and get thrown into motherhood at a young age or to have 10 more years of life on your bookshelf?  Do older moms know more? Do young moms have more energy? Do moms in their 30’s have more life experience? Do young moms just survive because they don’t “know any better” (that was a quote from my MIL who had children in her early 20’s). The answers are quite surprising when you listen to this episode.

I hope you enjoy our conversation and whether you’re a mom in her early 20’s, late 30’s or early 40’s, we are all in the same motherhood boat. We can all help one another, no matter what ages we are. This episode will help you with your decisions, surprises, feelings, and give you some wonderful tools to keep on hand. Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Mom Card Drawing of the Week: “You have within you all wisdom, all power, all strength, all understanding.” -Eileen Caddy

Katie’s Recco for Moms: Be an OPEN BOOK with friends and family!

Katie’s Favorite Things (I love me some face products!!!):

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare https://drdennisgross.com/ OK mamas, I went on Amazon and 5* ratings are all over the place. I definitely am trying as I’m a face product junkie. Katie loves his Daily Peel Pads and Vitamin C serum. He offers travel sizes as well in case you want to try anything.

She also loves her Nespresso (like me!!) and her frother. Go to www.nespresso.com and see what you’re missing. Ladies, my at-home coffee has never been the same since Nespresso. I recommend ordering from their website versus Amazon as you can get a subscription, excellent customer service, and order recycling bags to drop off at your nearest UPS store. So easy!

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