I always grew up thinking I had to have grains in order to survive. Cereal when I was a child, bread for my sandwiches I had every day, pasta, rice as a side, waffles, pancakes, crackers, tortillas, pitas… this list could go on forever. Oatmeal, granola bars, toast with my eggs… OK stop! Just reading the above has my head blowing up with how much grain is in our lives. I’m not talking about whole grains either- most of our standard American diet is filled with enriched and overly processed grains with no nutritional value and all of the side effects we want to avoid.

Here are just some of the “roughs” of grains:

  1. Low in nutrient density compared to plants or clean animal protein
  2. Cause blood sugar spikes (blood sugar is connected to so many things when it comes to health and weight). Yes, even the whole grain ones
  3. Grains can affect your fertility (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 99, no.3. 2014)
  4. Grains contain potentially dangerous anti-nutrients to include Agglutinins, phytates, and digestive enzyme inhibitors
  5. According to Dr. Sara Gottfried, there is a newly discovered link between grains & your leptin, thyroid, and insulin levels

Do you have…

  1. Recurring bloating?
  2. Migraines or headaches?
  3. Brain fog?
  4. Hair loss?
  5. Anxiety or depression
  6. Difficulty losing weight? Unexplained weight gain?

Above are just a handful of symptoms many women are experiencing that could be linked to grains. Try eliminating grains for a 21 day period, or try Dr. Sara Gottfried’s Hormone Reset Diet to incorporate grain elimination based on her schedule. Then re-introduce and see how you feel. How did I feel off grains?

  1. Bloating went bye-bye
  2. I had horrific gas (ask my husband) in the afternoons into the evenings that I attributed to my green smoothies. When I took out grains, my gas was GONE
  3. Energy was actually much better
  4. More alert with my day and my daughter (noticeably!)
  5. My mood was instantly lifted by the 3rd day

Will I be bringing back grains? Maybe every now and then, like a meal or two a week. If I do, it will be a whole grain and definitely gluten-free. There is so much more to this topic, especially with the world of gluten and how our bodies are reacting to it.   If you’d like to learn more, reach out to me to see how we can work together to achieve the life you’re living for.

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