I speak to so many women about their goals to become healthy and one theme that keeps coming up is fear. I can feel the energy where the sense of urgency, being lost, and even a bit of panic clouds over them as they wonder…

Where do I even start?!!!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was your career, your family, or the person you are today. There were events, mistakes, and risks that occurred that built the foundation. I truly believe that the BEST way to make lasting change is to start with small steps, build, gain momentum, face your fears, create bursts of confidence, all leading to more (and more) intelligent decisions that will create the masterpiece. And it will last a lifetime. When something is unrealistic, overwhelming, or things change too fast, we then get frustrated, confused, a bit insecure, and we revert to what is familiar and comfortable. We don’t face our fears.

Here are 5 ways to start your health journey- by keeping it simple:

  1. Try meal planning for just 1 meal that week. Look for some easy and clean recipes that won’t overwhelm you. Simply baking some wild caught fish with lemon, dill, and olive oil along with roasting some gorgeous green veggies at the same time is a meal in itself!
  2. Try crowding out the junk in your life by making small decisions each week on what to eat versus what you’ve been eating. One week try quinoa instead of white rice. The next time try organic blueberries instead of conventional. Another time try whole wheat flour for your baking instead of the white flour.
  3. Go on one walk for 30 minutes around your neighborhood. Take in the sights. Play an inspirational podcast. Or simple “be” and pay attention to the thoughts in your head.
  4. Instead of soda, swap it out one day for sparkling water and add some mixed berries. There’s still sugar in the berries but the natural sugar is better than the artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup.
  5. On the run? Be prepared! Make a nut mixture for the car for those “hangry” moments. If you have a drive-through moment, try making a better choice that night by going through Panera or perhaps Chipotle.

Your goal with your health should be re-connecting with nature and all it provides. Not what a factory makes or mass-produced fast food. Eating whole, real, delicious foods that are closest to their natural state, cooked the right way, which allows your body to absorb all the goodies. If you treat your body well, it will thank you and return the favor.

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