When you feel something is off, or have been told one or more hormones are not in the right zone, I don’t want you to feel the only answer is medication. Or that your body is not in your hands, that you can’t make an impact on it functioning. Medication is sometimes a necessity- I truly believe that- but I also do believe we’re overly medicating ourselves as well as prematurely medicating ourselves. I love talking to women about how they can start the journey with being in tune with their body and what may be affecting those fun little hormones. To make some changes within their own mind and body. If that journey doesn’t work, THEN let’s talk about the other options. But what if it does work?

I had hormone imbalance last year with my estrogen, testosterone, and my IGF-1 (ignited by my high production of growth hormone) and decided to take things on my own course and see how it went. I saw Dr. Katie Johnson, DC, Lac, of Lotus Health Center where we sat and truly talked about what could be affecting my levels. What came of it was outstanding levels after making some impactful changes and getting retested to see the results. What are some of the changes I’ve made? Below are my top 5 (reach out to me if you want any more!):

  1. Having PROTEIN with breakfast- always. I have always had some form of breakfast, just not consistently or the right breakfast. Many times it was grain-based and I found myself “hangry” an hour later. Which was a sign my blood sugar was crashing, and that dramatically affects our hormones. Now I eat breakfast an hour after waking, sometimes an hour and a half, and I always have a protein in that breakfast. A nut butter in my smoothie, 2 hard-boiled eggs, walnuts in my quinoa “oatmeal”, or leftover salmon from dinner. Protein is key with EVERY meal but especially with breakfast. It is an essential macronutrient that allows your blood sugar to stay balanced, and for you to feel full.
  2. Upping my FIBER. Elimination is such an important key with hormone balance. Keeping that liver of yours happy and functioning at its best is the focus. You don’t need a cleanse, a juice cleanse, or a detox to make your liver and kidneys function at their optimal level. I help women keep the liver on its game with simple lifestyle choices and the right foods. Fiber is one nutrient that helps with this. I aim for 30ish grams a day and do supplement with organic psyllium husk.
  3. Reduction of DAIRY. Growth Hormone is ignited by dairy, especially conventional dairy. My IGF-1 level was pretty high and concerning, and IGF-1 is affected by how much GH is being produced. The solution was to reduce dairy- and some days I have no dairy at all. If I do, it’s grass-fed, organic butter, cheese, or plain yogurt. All are full fat as well, I do not mess with low fat or no fat anything. We don’t need dairy to survive. So many of us have intolerances to it and conventional dairy just has so many yucky things along with synthetic vitamins flushed back into it. But I do love a nice cheese with my wine every now and then!
  4. Reduction of ALCOHOL. I cannot believe I just wrote that. And that I’ve actually reduced my happy juice this past year. I’ve had a wonderful and fun couple of decades that involved a cocktail (or 3!). But after Brooklyn was born, things changed in my body. One glass of wine gave me a hangover for days. Chardonnay was being called “angry juice” by my husband. All of a sudden I was getting headaches galore. I just felt like crap after a night of drinks. I would sip my Cabernet while making dinner or indulge in a glass while watching RHOBH. My sleep was horrific- It would take forever to fall asleep and then at around 2am I would wake and feel I had caffeine pumping through my body. Alcohol, even wine, affects our hormones tremendously. Especially estrogen. I still have a cocktail in my life but it’s dramatically different and only when I have a special night. And to be honest, I am good with just one drink. I know, I can’t believe I just wrote that.
  5. Increasing my GREENS- This goes along with keeping the liver functioning and glowing but also with hormone balance in general. Increasing your veggies with every meal, especially greens, is the way to go with hormone balance. Don’t feel it has to be the cliché salad. Adding veggies to every meal in creative ways is one way I can help you. It is easier than you think and you’ll feel incredible.

Curious as to the many other ways I achieve hormone balance? Get in touch with me to schedule a consult (info@michellemansfieldhealth.com) or you can join my May 1st Hormone Reset Diet Course & Coaching. Click here to join the Facebook Challenge Group to get to know me and this program: https://michellemansfieldauthor.com/hrd-challenge-opt

Happy Hormones, Happy Life!


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