When Rachel Hollis shouted on stage, “YOU ARE MADE FOR MORE!”, mothers everywhere were questioning what that actually meant. Is being a mother… NOT enough? If I’m working full time, am I NOT being enough on the mom-side of the coin? Should I be more domestic? Creative? Do I need to start a business? Get certified in something? Clean more? Cook more? Make more money? I am forcing myself to stop typing because the list could go on, and on, and on. It’s overwhelming and even the most confident woman could find herself questioning… “Am I doing enough?” Where that can get you is an endless pit of questioning what others are doing versus connecting to what YOU actually want in life. The load you want. The variety. The experience. The timing. The season of motherhood you’re in. Your passions… that don’t have to make you famous.
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     When I read Andrea’s bio and learned more about all her accomplishments, I admit I was intimidated. I found myself saying, “Wow! She’s incredible!!! How did she DO all of this AND is a mom?!” For a period of time, a single mom on top of it. Yes, I’m human and fall into the comparison trap and before I hit “record”, I sat and wondered if I should be doing more in my life. But you know what?
     After I talked to Andrea in this episode, I breathed a sigh of relief and found confidence in my OWN version of what I need because of all she talks about. She had some ah-ha moments where I said, “THANK YOU!” for her being honest about how it actually worked for her. Her honest voice and vulnerability was so refreshing in this world where we see a photo on Instagram, or a read a book, a blog or hear a story and think, “How the (bleep!) is that even possible?”
     Andrea is BEYOND refreshing. I instantly felt so warm and comfortable listening to her- and having an incredible conversation that had more even more confident and connected with MY version of “more”. One that parallels my unique life. I hope this happens for you as well. You deserve that!!
A bit more about Andrea…
     Andrea Reindl has been running businesses for more than half of her life. For the last decade of that, she has supported high-performing visionaries bringing their ideas to reality through her digital branding and marketing agency. Andrea has successfully scaled a 5+ million dollar business, lead a team of 35+ people across the globe from 5+ countries, and served thousands of clients from around the world.
     Andrea is a single Mom of 2 busy teenagers. She founded Legacy Creative in 2017 when her life was in transition and she was ready to take her career to the next level. Since then she has had personal and professional growth she could have only imagined a few years ago.
     In her spare time, Andrea also heads up Confessions of Imperfect Moms, a community for Mommas that are out in the world doing their best, raising kids, and trying to juggle it all.
     You can find Andrea’s adventures and mishaps over on Instagram at @andreareindl https://www.instagram.com/andreareindl/
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Mom Card of the Week: “I will persist… I will always take another step. If that is of no avail I will take another, and yet another.” -Og Mandino
Thank you so much for listening, sharing and supporting Andrea and her work!

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