The word “boundary” doesn’t have to be a scary one, but often setting boundaries goes against what we were modeled growing up so it feels scary to broach the subject with family and friends.

My conversation with Dr. Jessica increased my understanding of boundaries and the importance of talking about this topic. Everyone has to encounter setting boundaries at some point in their life. Boundaries are a way to create space, take care of ourselves mentally, and let others know what we are comfortable or uncomfortable with.

I talked about boundaries in Ep. 7, but Dr. Jessica and I were able to expand that conversation and talk about the misconceptions surrounding setting boundaries. Spoiler: They aren’t there to keep people out of our lives!

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Another thing that really stuck out to me was that when I set a boundary it’s not about other people, but my boundaries are about me and my needs. Know that it will feel overwhelming at first, but practice makes perfect. Find support, have grace with yourself, and don’t over explain your needs. Just keep trying!

Dr. Jessica Bauer is a licensed psychologist that specializes in perinatal mental health. She is passionate about helping pregnant women and new mothers feel supported and prepared for the transition into motherhood. She lives in Atlanta, GA and has three young children and lots of pets! She has a virtual practice where she provides both individual and couples therapy. She is a member of PSYPACT, which allows her to see clients virtually in more than 33 states.

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Set Boundaries, Find Peace” by Nedra Glover Tawwab
YouTube video with Mel Robbins telling it like it is in regard to boundaries.

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