This week’s episode is inspired by the October 5th, 2022 episode of the Mel Robbins Podcast where she and her daughter discuss situations where we feel the most insecure, doubt ourselves, disconnect from our true self, and give all of our power to the world outside of us. I love Mel and her daughter’s relationship and how they work through a pretty humbling experience Mel’s daughter was going through. Until they both talked it out and connected to the reality of the situation, and taking the power back. Listen to the full episode here: Listen on Spotify! or here: Listen on Apple!

How do you find your power when life knocks you down? How do you respond when the universe is testing you? How do you find confidence when self-doubt comes in? And most importantly, a learning lesson for myself, is how do we make these moments of insecurity learning opportunities… a win versus a defeat?

This episode will impact you if you are looking at taking your confidence & resilience back. If you’re tired of comparing yourself to others, allowing a situation to bring you to a low level, or letting mistakes or hardships define who you are. We are all in this boat together and have experienced this in various ways. Thank you for listening, sharing and supporting this podcast. I hope you come away stronger than yesterday with this episode.

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