Today we are joined with the incredible Abbey Williams of The Mimosas with Moms Podcast. I was fortunate to be a guest on Abbey’s show during her first season and as I started my honest motherhood journey to where she was at the forefront of my mind with who I wanted to be on the other side of the mic during my first season.

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Abbey and I will be chatting about blended families and coparenting, as both of us have deep experience with this topic. We will chat about all the honest feelings, situations, tools, and mindset goals to make coparenting work for your family. We both agree we aren’t perfect in this area, but we do have some positive stories that can give you some tools to make your coparenting journey the best possible. It’s not perfect, just like anything, and definitely has its unique challenges. We are definitely honest with that. But we also want you to know it is possible to have a blended family that thrives and a coparenting relationship that is essential for this to happen. We are here to support you and help you.

We hope this episode helps you and we would both love to hear from you about your coparenting challenges, successes, and unique stories. Please feel comfortable reaching out to either of us and get more connected with Abbey with all the good things she offers moms below.

Thank you Abbey and thank you listeners for joining us, sharing this episode, and staying connected to The Honest Mom Podcast.

About Abbey:

Abbey Williams, MSW, LSW is a behavioral health therapist, the producer and host of the Mimosas with Moms Podcast, content creator of the social media platform @mimosaswithmoms, author of “An ABC of Families”, and mother of 4. She is committed to supporting, empowering, and connecting with mothers in all seasons of motherhood. She has been featured by PopSugar, Parents, SheKnows, and Romper. She navigates her blended family/coparenting life in Cincinnati, OH with her husband, four kids, and two sister labs.

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Instagram Handle: @mimosaswithmoms

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