Learning to support ourselves in our postpartum journey can be a struggle. Especially when we are battling the stigma that moms are being selfish for wanting (and needing!) more than to just be with our babies 24/7. We often try to do it ‘all’ and then feel like we have let someone down if we can’t.

There are many factors that can lead to this idea of disconnect from our feelings and our own needs, but ultimately we have to tune into our values and ask ourselves, “Who do I want to be?”

My guest today, Kelly Jacobson, grew up in a home where love was abundant. After the birth of her first child, Kelly’s mom came and stayed for a week to help her adjust to motherhood. She knew that kind of support wasn’t the case for all new moms so she wanted to be able to offer some support to other moms who needed it.

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Kelly is not your typical therapist or group practice owner. Growing up Kelly never pictured herself as a therapist or even being a business owner. She knew she wanted to help people, and from a young age she knew she wanted to work with teens that needed extra support and direction, which then led her to work as a social worker in the school system for most of her professional career. But it wasn’t until Kelly had two little kids of her own and was off on summer break that she realized she needed more as a mom and wanted to give back to other moms as well. Slowly but surely Kelly grew Stronger Therapeutic Counseling Services, supporting moms and teens that needed the support she was most fired up about.

Mom Card Drawing of the Week: “You can only go halfway into the darkest forest; then you are coming out the other side.”

Favorite things: “Breathe Mama Breathe” by Shonda Moralis.

Find out more ways Kelly can help you and how to work with her (virtual services available!) and her team at Stronger Therapeutic Counseling Services.

You can also find valuable FREE resources and inspirational downloads on Kelly’s site, including steps to find your happiness this week, how to stay motivated when you’re just not “feelin’ it”, creating a game plan to cope with anxiety, and many others.

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