This week in my Local Mom Series, I sat with Jessica Segreto where we chatted about having one child. We shared our unique decision and reasons behind having our daughters. How we gained confidence in our motherhood and families. There were some struggles and questioning but we talk about how we got through these weeds and honored the lives that worked for us.


It’s definitely getting more common to have one child. The stereotypes of only children are definitely not true. I also feel it’s becoming more “accepted” (if that’s even the word?!) There are so many benefits to having one child, just like having more than one. Family knows no numbers or size.


This episode is for you if you are questioning how many children you want. Or maybe you have one child and don’t want to go through the fertility treatments and emotional struggles you had when having your first child. Perhaps you had debilitating postpartum depression and you’re terrified to go through it again? Whatever your decision is, it’s the RIGHT decision for you and your family. This episode will give you confidence with this.

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