Social media isn’t “evil” and I’m here to talk about how the key to a healthy relationship with anything in life is moderation. Using or ingesting in the ways that fuel you, challenge you, and create learning opportunities. It doesn’t have to be perfect but even with things that are “healthy” for you, let’s say an orange, if you eat too much of it, it can be harmful. Do you take away ALL the sugar in your life and declare it’s toxic and going to kill you? Like I did back in the day (LOL!)? No. Listen to the full episode here:  Listen on Apple!  Listen on Spotify!

Social media has helped my motherhood and connections with people in TREMENDOUS ways. However, have I gone down unhealthy rabbit holes with it as well? At 2am nursing Brooklyn and feeling like I’m the ugliest mom on the planet and missing out on a life I “should” have? Of course I have. It was a TON of work but I vowed to have a healthy relationship with social media. And you can to. I’ve met incredible women, resources for my postpartum depression, learned so much so I could write my book, met people that actually helped make this book come alive, this podcast wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the connections I made on social media. I know I’ve helped women feel better about their unmarketable feelings as they traveled through the jungles of motherhood. I thank social media for all of this.

Today’s episode is for you if you’re curious about your social media relationship. And if you’re feeling swallowed, suffocated, insecure, angry at times, or if you can’t control your scrolling… this episode is for you too. You don’t have to delete the apps completely and forever, there are different ways to grow a healthy relationship with social media. If you decide social media just isn’t for you anymore, that’s OK too!

Thank you for listening today and let’s start a conversation about ways we can grow with social media. Or say goodbye to it. It’s whatever works for you and your motherhood journey.

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