I typically keep topics geared toward the new mom or toddler phase, but realized that a lot of my friends are already in the tween/teen stage with their kids and that this info could definitely be useful as my own daughter grows up. So glad I followed my gut!!

Elise Knox is a life and wellness coach and former middle school teacher who works with teens and moms. The #1 thing she sees with her coaching clients is moms who love their teens so much, YET feel at a loss for how to communicate, connect, and support them through their teen years. This phase of life can feel very isolating and alone for moms because women don’t want to share their struggles for fear of other people judging them or their teens requesting privacy. It can be quite overwhelming and often parents forget to take care of themselves and their own mental health along the way.

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I’m currently in the “honeymoon” phase as Elise calls it, when our kids are between 5-10 years old and are more independent, but they haven’t yet reached adolescence and we start to relax because things are going so well. As our kids grow up they start to dance that line of independence and needing us still, and it’s so hard to give up some of that control.

Have a listen as Elise shares some great insights and also a few things we can do to look inward and be more aware how our past bad experiences start to influence how we go into a situation with our kids.

Mom Card Drawing of the Week: “Knowing what you want is the first step toward getting it.” – Mae West

Favorite Things & Resources:
“The Awakened Family” by Dr. Shefali (Shefali Tsabary, PhD)
“Hold on to Your Kids” by Gordon Neufeld, PhD and Gabor Mate, MD
Expanded Podcast
Rich Roll Podcast
IonBiome from Dr. Zach Bush, MD

Connect with Elise:
Website: eliseknox.com, Elise offers Teen Centered Coaching (family participation recommended) and Mom Centered Coaching, as well as her “Communication Master Class”.
Instagram: @eliseknoxconnectedcoach

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