Today’s solo episode is giving you some updates on something I’ve been talking about for ummmm…coming on 4 years! Why am I putting this out there? Because it’s something many of you have been encouraging me through, supporting me, waiting for, and wondering how the process has been going. I can’t leave my biggest cheerleaders hanging!

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Another theme throughout this that I want you all to remember with ANYTHING in life is quitting doesn’t mean you’re failing. Many times we are honoring our season, timing, signs, and feelings where we DO have to let go of something in order to move forward in other ways. At times we are simply pivoting. Sometimes we are changing the form of what we’re doing. Then there are times we do need to put something on a bookshelf because the timing just sucks.

We also need to recognize that WE TOO change in time and you may have had a goal 4 years ago but a lot has happened to you these last 4 years. You’re different. Values may change. Lifestyle can be turned upside down. Your priorities are evolving. And that’s OK!!

You are NOT a flake. You are NOT a quitter. You are a human who is honoring her stage in life and what is working and… not working. Be proud of pivoting, changing, honoring what feels right. Not staying in something because you’re told to or because you’ve already put so much time into it where you feel guilty saying goodbye. Remember that nothing is permanent and you always can go back to something if the stars align and your intuition tells you it’s time again.

I hope you enjoy this episode, the NEWS and the reasons why I made this decision for YOU as well as myself. Connect with me off of the podcast on my Instagram page, @thehonestmompodcast or my Facebook Group




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