I was too ashamed to say it out loud, or even admit it inside my head:
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     I didn’t want to tell my husband or complain because, well, that’s what I was supposed to be doing. Being a mom. It’s every woman’s dream right? It seems to be a blanket statement for motherhood. But what if you’re starting at your baby like Tom Hanks did with the Wilson volleyball in the movie “Castaway”?
     What if it doesn’t get more “fun” in the toddler stage as you dread playing “The Floor is Lava” (how does EVERY child know about this game even if they’ve never met another child in their life? 
     What if you start making dinner at 4:30 only to realize it’s only 8:30 in the morning? Could these days go ANY slower?!
     This episode is for you if you love your baby (yes, it’s true), you’re a good mother (yes, that’s true too) but this motherhood gig is boring, the days drag, you don’t enjoy reading to your newborn as he shits his pants, you’re over shaking rattles as your daughter barfs on her onesie, or you can’t wait for your partner to get home so you can hand it all off to them? Take a listen if you’ve had a REALLY hard time admitting this to even yourSELF and you just want someone to make you feel like you’re normal and your feelings are normal. By now you’ve guessed it, they are. You’re not alone. 
     Even better, you can keep this ripple effect going by sharing this episode with any mom you know that needs to feel this way too. Heck, share it with ANY mom regardless if she needs it (because she probably is like you and hasn’t told a soul). I hope you enjoy it and I appreciate you listening. I’m PROUD of you for listening. Know I’m here to talk to on Instagram or email me from my website. 
  • Mom Card Drawing of the Week: “Delight in the little things.” -Rudyard Kipling (Easier said than done Rudyard!)
  • These are a few of my Favorite Things: Alexis Smart Flower Remedies. Think homeopathic remedies for your emotional health! Find them at www.alexissmart.com 
  • Article: https://medium.com/family-matters-2/motherhood-is-boring-780487b435d0
  • Podcast: https://www.kidspot.com/au/parenting/being-a-mum-can-be-boring/news-story/326b097a162ca517470dd4fle21a6b20
  • Book: “Present Over Perfect” by Shauna Niequist (@sniequist) focuses on being in the moment: escaping the busyness of life simply to exist and cherish your loved ones.
  • Instagram Account: @bored.mom

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