When I was a new mom, I never knew that there was medication that could possibly help me with the feelings I was having as a new mom.  My feelings may not have qualified for a formal diagnosis, I’ll never know, but I will be honest in admitting that it would have been nice to take the edge off where I could be a bit more clear-headed to figure out what I truly needed to get stronger.  I found an interesting article that talks about a new medication which is directly infused into the body.  It takes 48-hours for the effects to settle in which is even more intriguing. The cost is high but it may just be the thing for more immediate relief and help that new moms may be desperate for.  Most medications take up to 2 weeks to settle in, and some may not want or be able to wait that long.

Here is the May 2019 article from the New York Times talking about this new drug and the FDA approval that prompted the writing: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/19/health/postpartum-depression-drug.html

The stigma with simply taking a medication is still one of shame. With mental health, we are made to feel that it is a weakness if our brains aren’t working to their capacity. I mean, I have felt this way for years.  I should be able to figure out my shit, or I’m weak if I haven’t found my happiness or strength to conquer the world.  The personal development books that I’ve read for years has had me in a place where I should have the road maps to what makes me the best person I can be and damn happy to be there.  The circle I was surrounding myself was a health-conscious one where it seemed you could figure out anything in life with an essential oil or natural supplement.  Eat nourishing foods, avoid toxins, exercise, manage your stress and you should be able to be in control of the amazing body you are in charge of.

Not to mention the world of Scientology and the ridiculous beliefs about psychiatry and medications. Fuck Tom Cruise and his ignorant religion that shames anyone for including medication as part of their mental well-being.  Again, that pressure that WE can control our wellness simply with diet, exercise and proper vitamins.  The stench of fear is all over this way of teaching and preaching.  It’s also not solely on the Church of Scientology’s shoulders either.

When I was more on the “crunchy” side and surrounding myself with all things natural, I definitely felt more control with my health.  As a Health Coach, I motivated women to cook more, eat more whole foods, avoid toxins in products and foods, exercise more, sleep better, manage their stress more, with the umbrella of them being in charge of their health & happiness.  Yes, much of this is a wonderful way to live but it’s not the only way to get to where you want to be.  When I was in the first year of motherhood, the heavy thick period, I was eating well, I started to exercise more, I took supplements, and was paying attention to what I was putting in and on my body.  Now sleep and stress, that was another ballgame. I just couldn’t get the sleep I needed, nor did I sleep when she slept, so that sleep deprivation was a MASSIVE factor in my mental state.  There was also a lot of stress, and I was holding it ALL in.  I also believe that some of my unwanted feelings were brought on by my susceptibility to depression.  My family has a history of it, I know even before motherhood I’ve had some spurts of it (especially when I was going through a BIG change), and there is a chemical challenge here that goes beyond food, drink, sleep and meditation.

We as mothers (or people in general) need to stop pretending we can handle it all and do it all.  To stop putting the pressure on ourselves to figure it out by ourselves or feel ashamed that we may not have the answer.  The mother I am today would have told the mother of my past to at least talk to someone professional and CONSIDER something to take the edge off while she figured out her path to getting help.  I would tell her to also be patient and open that she may have to take something even longer until things felt more manageable.  Why do we pride ourselves on nourishing ourselves with food, expensive supplements, and movement to get the endorphins flowing and we don’t pride ourselves in putting something inside our body that will possibly get our minds out of the dark hole it’s in?  Why not be excited and shout from the mountain tops that we were brave and found something that makes us feel BETTER and helps us enjoy motherhood while we get through all this crap?

What are your hidden feelings on medication to help you through not only motherhood, but other challenging times in your life?  I’d love to hear your story and thoughts.


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