Should you go back to work? Should you stay at home? Work part time? Start a new passion or hobby? You’ve arrived home, survived your maternity leave (because that’s ANYTHING but a vacation!) and question, “Do I want to go back?” Or maybe you left your career and wonder if you need something beyond motherhood? Maybe you don’t but you still over-analyze and question your purpose? For me, I was ALL over the place and wish I had Becca Carnahan in my life to help me make the decisions that were best for ME. To connect with the identity that was inside me all along. And screw the expectations I was putting upon myself. 
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     Becca is a Career Coach, Author of “When Mommy Grows Up” (link to buy here: ) along with a children’s book series, and she’s a mother of 2. She has over a decade of experience with Harvard Business School but most importantly, she’s a real and honest mom who “gets it”. 
     Surviving the adjustment to motherhood and new identity with that alone is enough stress. So why deny your truth inside, what nurtures your mental health, strengthens your confidence and identity, so you can be the mother you’re meant to be? I hope you enjoy this episode and it helps you as much as it helped me. Thank you SO much for listening, sharing the word, the episode and connecting with me. I am beyond grateful!
     Mom Card Drawing of the Week: “If you could only sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet.” -Fred Rogers
     Connect with Becca on Instagram: @with_love_becca
     Becca’s website: where you can also take a look at her children’s books. You can take a look at her free           training here: which is such a gift!
     Connect with me on Instagram at @thehonestmompodcast 

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