We don’t have to go the route of calling her a “single mom” or compare to any other life for that matter. Military life as a spouse and mom is HARD in many ways where comparison only takes us further from the support these mothers need. Let’s just honor what they’re individually going through and help them in any way we can! The first step is learning about their lives and the challenges they face. Along with the triumphs! And this is where my special guest comes in… Listen on Apple Podcasts: Listen on Apple! or Listen on Spotify: Listen on Spotify!

Ashley Falkos is a Marine wife, mama of 2 little girls, stepmom to a high school boy, and literacy advocate. She is a former elementary school teacher, a reading specialist for over a decade, a private tutor, and brand rep with the publishing company, PaperPie. She grew up in Geneva, IL and ran track in high school, and also in college. She loves to workout at SPENGA, read, spend time with friends, binge Netflix, and take hot bubble baths for self-care. When she isn’t presuming the role of mom taxi, you can most likely find her sipping a coffee! Because, coffee is life.

Today, Ashley helps us understand her life as a military spouse and mother. To debunk the stereotypes. Explain shat her life was versus now that her husband is recently retired. We talk about the realities she faced but also the wins that she discovered that worked for her & her family. Her communication lessons, avoiding resentment, involvement of her husband, creating community, fulfilling both roles at times, misunderstandings about military life, and her recommendations on how to help your marriage survive through it all. I hope you enjoy this episode and all Ashley offers. Feel free to share with a military mom so she knows she’s not alone. Thank you for listening and let me know how this episode affected you.

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