Erin Quick is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of PairTree, an app and website dedicated to making the adoption process easier for both expectant mothers and hopeful parents. As an adoptive mom of 2, she has first-hand experience with the challenges and emotions that surround adoption.

So much of the decisions surrounding birth moms and families wanting to adopt are rooted in sadness, with seasons of grief that come and go long after the adoption is finalized. At PairTree, birth moms have access to lifetime support and mental health resources whenever they need it. Another major part of PairTree’s mission is all about supporting families without the huge fees that are typical when working with adoption agencies.

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Are you a prospective family looking to adopt and wondering if it’s right for your family? Education is key when considering adoption and PairTree also provides plenty of resources to help you on your adoption journey.

I loved having this conversation with Erin! I learned so much about the adoption process in general, and especially about the unique matching process PairTree utilizes to make sure that the birth mom feels as confident in her decision as possible.

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