“MOMMY NEEDS WINE!”, “Mommy Juice”, “It Takes a Village, and a Vineyard”, “Time to Wine Down”. 

The amount of t-shirts, mugs, wine glasses, and other memorabilia may seem clever and cute at first. But is it? Normally I’m not a party pooper and I’m far from a “Karen”, but lately this movement of mommies coping with booze is really affecting me. You probably listened to my solo episode surrounding this topic (check out EP24 if you missed it!), but today I have an expert, a friend, and someone who has actually experienced the slippery and dangerous slope of alcohol and motherhood. 

In today’s episode we chat with Shelley DeJongh (Licensed Professional Counselor with SO many credentials!) about why drinking to cope is normalized, the stress that mothers are under, and the lack of coping skill knowledge we have. She touches on the definition of a “Wine Mom” (yes it’s actually a “thing” and The Atlantic has an actual article on it https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2020/05/wine-moms-explained/612001/ ), how we know if we have entered the danger zone with drinking, how to adjust to changes in your drinking without feeling you’ve lost your identity, along with so many more ways we can learn about our drinking patterns and if we need to make changes. I did. The goal here is not to condemn anyone for drinking. We are simply here sharing stories, experiences and tools that helped us both have a healthier relationship with alcohol. This is a no judgement zone – EVER!

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We also hear Shelley’s story behind her choice for her 7 years of sobriety. Trust me, you’ll want to listen to this. She is one of the warmest humans you’ll meet, someone that doesn’t judge but still feels a passion to share her story in case you need it. Sometimes all it takes is knowing someone out there is by your side. At times we aren’t in tune with our own mental health (we are consumed with so much!) and how we are traveling through our lives… until we hear a story and connect with it. I know I wouldn’t be in tune with how my body was handling alcohol and the potential path I was traveling without Shelley and Kelley (see below for Kelley’s info). 

Thank you for listening, sharing with someone you love and care about, talking about this with your closest friends, and supporting this podcast. Sending so much love to you all and know you’re never alone.

Mom Card Drawing of the Week: “You are loved. You are important. And you matter.” – Christie Joyner

Get to know Shelley more (and ask her how her Emotion Code Healing coaching is going!):

Shelley’s Favorites & Reccos: “Healing the Shame That Binds You” by John Bradshaw, “My Self” by Kelley Kitley (who I LOVE!) @kelleykitley. 

Both books can be found on Amazon.

Shelley’s Instagram: @transformingchronically

Shelley’s Website: www.shelleyramseydejongh.com

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