I’ve always had guilt in some capacity throughout my life. Then came motherhood and BAM! My guilt amplified & took on an entirely new form. I tried to hide it. Push it away. Ignore it. Nothing worked. It ate at me. Was I spending enough time with Brooklyn? Was I entertaining her enough (even as a blob of a newborn)? Was I doing things to enrich her and make her brain grow (What was I? Her mom or a mad scientist?!)? Was she happy? Was she sad? Hungry? Was I poisoning her with sunscreen? 
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Guilt is a part of me, it’s in my blood and bones. Through my own therapy, books, podcasts, wellness events, friendships and my own inner learning I came to this conclusion: I CAN WORK WITH GUILT. I CAN THRIVE WITH IT. I CAN USE IT TO MAKE ME STRONGER.
We hear the mom campaigns of “Fuck Mom Guilt!” or “Say Goodbye to Mom Guilt!” where we are told we don’t deserve it, we don’t need it, and we can flick that shit away as easy as just declaring it. It’s not that easy. Honestly I don’t find it even possible for me. What I had to do was learn how to work with my guilt in an entirely different way. How? Take a listen and you’ll find out. 
After listening, let me know how YOUR mom guilt is going and if you need the support and honesty that I can give you. Reach out to me and know I can be a good ear or a good friend giving you encouragement. If you know a mom struggling with mom guilt and how to work WITH it versus AGAINST it, please share this episode with her. Thank you so much for listening and for your support of this podcast. I look forward to next week!
Mom Card of the Week: “Celebrate your existence.” -William Blake
Resources for You:
Podcast: “Mama Said” podcast with Jamie Lynn Sigler/Jenna Paris with guest Jessica Hall: https://www.podcastone.com/episode/You-Cant-Escape-The-Mom-Guilt-with-Jessica-Hall
Book: “The Art of Good Enough” by Dr. Ivy Ge and “You’re a F*cking Awesome Mom” by Leslie Ann Bruce
Instagram: @momguiltunited with Catherine Comeau
These are a few of my Favorite Things: www.oakessentials.com Balancing Mist
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