You sit in your bed at 4am, propped up by pillows, baby sucking your last bit of energy out of you, and as you gaze to your right you spot it. No, it’s not a spider. It’s not an unidentified brown stain on the sheets. It’s your partner. Sleeping. It’s then 8am and your partner grabs their bag, their Starbucks card for their glorious drive thru order, and smooches you on the cheek with a “HAVE A GOOD DAY!” that makes your blood curdle. Why do they get to be with grown ups today? Where’s my Starbucks and drive without a screaming baby? They come home, in a great mood, ready to party with your child and you cannot wait to hand them off and just run away. Then comes the clock striking 10pm where they proclaim “Welp! I’m headed up for bed!” and your night is just beginning. The house is a mess, and you aren’t asking for help. But why should you? Can’t they SEE the dishes piled up or the laundry that is spilling out of the hamper? Is it too much to observe that you’re DROWNING and to say, “Honey, I’ve got dinner tonight, and the dishes, and the laundry. Why don’t you rest?”
By now you are realizing that the mind-reading, silent treatment, passive-aggressive games your mom played aren’t working for you either. So why are we fighting GREAT communication with our partner so we can actually GET what we want and need? Do we see it as a sign of weakness? That if our partner loved us ENOUGH that they would actually be aware of what is going on? Because that’s what WE do, right? I’m tellin’ ya ladies, it DOESN’T WORK. What does? Take a listen to today’s episode and you will see!!! I’m here to introduce you to to the incredible Chelsea Skaggs.
Chelsea is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Intimacy Expert, and Communication Trainer for parents. She helps you go from WTF?! to “I effin’ got this!” in your relationship by giving you the tools to improve your confidence, your connection and your communication. Chelsea keeps it real with her relatable and raw voice and honest connection to the feelings we have as mothers. She has been featured in “Her View From Home”, “Motherly”, “Scary Mommy”, “Today’s Parent”, “Psychology Today”, as well as radio and podcasts. 
Mom Card Drawing of the Week: “Never postpone joy.” -Unknown
Chelsea’s Instagram: @thewtftrimester and you can check out her podcast 
Chelsea’s Website:
A couple of Chelsea’s Favorite Things: Mud Water which can be found on and the Peanut App where you can download on the app store
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