Starting today I will be doing a 7-week count down of ways to get both you and your family closer to your wellness goals.  Today at week 7, we have 7 simple changes you can start THIS WEEK to get your family started.  You don’t have to do all 7 of these this week but they are great reminders you can print and place on your fridge to spark some motivation.  To ignite a decision that you haven’t made before.  To step out of your comfort zone one time that day.  Here we go… some things you can put on that wellness bookshelf for when you are ready for change:

  1. Feed your family the right carbohydrates- avoiding refined or overly processed foods.  What are the right carbohydrates?  The slow burning ones that actually have nutritional value:  fruits, whole grains, and VEGGIES.
  2. Eat foods that will keep you full- full of protein, fat, fiber, and the right carbohydrates that is!
  3. Focus on the foods that will make your children grow, along with you & your family having energy, strong immunity (cold & flu season is among us), quality brain function, and positive mood (yes, your foods affect your mood!) and make your bodies function at their best.
  4. Mindful versus mindless eating- know when you’re hungry and when you’re full. Teach your children to have a 2-way conversation with their body.  Don’t make them clean their plate – they know when they are full.  And you do too!
  5. Get moving and be active as a family.  If you don’t have time to exercise, make time as a family so you don’t feel you’re taking away from them.  That time will actually be higher quality then just sitting around.  You can take a walk, play a game outside, do an online yoga session as a family, or even put some music on and dance.
  6. Teach your children how to shop & make wise decisions for themselves- boost their nutritional confidence!  They need to have the knowledge of what certain foods give us, or don’t.  It’s not just about things tasting good or stopping a growling tummy.
  7. Fat is not the enemy- choose the best fats for your brains, metabolism, concentration & mood.  Yes, fat is good for you.  The right fat.  Your child’s brain is growing up until age 8 so they need healthy, full fats, to fuel their brain. Olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed dairy, ghee, avocado, and raw nuts are wonderful examples.  Fat is consumed in moderation- like many foods- even though they are beneficial to our health.

Next week is week 6 where I’ll have 6 new tips to get you and your family on the right path to your family wellness.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with these tips.  One change today is a HUGE accomplishment.  What change will YOU make today and what example will you teach your family?  Comment below!

Simply Yours,

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