No matter what label and story you’re telling yourself, the fact is that as human beings we need human interaction to survive. As moms, we crave connection beyond baby. We desire face-to-face over staring at our computer screens. We are wired to interact with other humans beyond our baby. So if you’re telling the story, “I’m an introvert” or “I have never related to women” then it’s time to change your story. I recently listened to a killer podcast episode from Mom After Hours about “Overcoming Isolation in Motherhood” with Allyson Pitre, M.A., LPC, The Mommy Therapist. First, love Allyson’s voice and her entire message throughout the episode. Even though I’m seven years postpartum, my head was nodding the entire time and I only WISH I could have had this episode within the first six months of being a mom. If you are curious, here’s the link to the show: Mom After Hours: Isolation in Motherhood

I got into mommy isolation a bit more on my own where you can take a listen and look at what I have to say about it: New Mom, New Story!

One thing that host Brandi says that rang a big bell for me was not being comfortable with nursing in public. People that know me well may say, “REALLY?!!” I’m an open book and they would think I would have NO issues showing my boobs in public. Those that knew me in college would agree. I had no issues showing my boobs to the patrons at an Iowa City bar or spring break trip but for some reason nursing in public made me SUPER uncomfortable and contributed to my isolation. Who knew boobs had so much power?

I’d love to hear how you’re dealing with socializing in motherhood and as Allyson Pitre describes it as exercising your “social muscles”. What has worked for you? What hasn’t? Do you still need help with this? Comment below and let’s send that boat over to the deserted island you’re on!


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